New 2014 Disney Dollar Released – Disney Mountain Series

Great news for the Disney Dollar collectors … 2014 Disney Dollars are available beginning December 16th with a limited number being sold at select locations within the Walt Disney World Resort in Florida.

The newly released 2014 Disney Dollar series features three of the Magic Kingdom Mountains.The three Magic Kingdom Mountain attractions depicted on the new Disney Dollar releases are Splash Mountain for the Disney One Dollar, Big Thunder Mountain for the Disney Five Dollar and the very popular Space Mountain attraction for the Disney Ten Dollar.


$1 Splash Mountain – front

$1 Mickey Mouse on Splash Mountain ride – reverse

$5 Big Thunder Mountain – front

$5 Mickey Mouse on Thunder Mountain ride – reverse

$10 Space Mountain – front

$10 Mickey Mouse on Space mountain ride – reverse


If you are visiting at Walt Disney World Resort, in Florida, you can find the new Mountain series Disney Dollars available at :

  • Guest Relations at all 4 Disney theme parks
  • Downtown Disney Marketplace
  • Front desk at Walt Disney World Resort

If you are visiting the Disneyland Resort,in California, you can find the new Mountain series Disney Dollars available at :

  • Main entrance ticket booths
  • Guest Relations at Disney California Adventure, Chamber of Commerce
  • Disneyland City Hall,Star Trader & Gag Factory
  • World of Disney Store
  • Fantasia Gift Shop at the Disneyland Hotel
  • Mickey in Paradise at Paradise Pier Hotel

The highly anticipated new 2014 Disney Dollar release will go over big with Disney Dollar collectors everywhere I am sure.

I for one, love collecting Disney Dollars but I am a little disappointed with the reverse designs Disney had picked this year and would have rather liked to have seen different Disney characters featured on the one,five and ten dollar Disney notes instead of just Mickey Mouse featured in each of the Magic Mountain theme park rides.So many Disney animated characters and celebrations to choose a feature design from, but all three denominations this year, chosen by Walt Disney Company has Mickey Mouse on a Magic Kingdom ride on the reverse of all the denominations.

I am sure all the Disney Dollar collectors will be adding this new Magic Mountain series to their collection as soon as they can locate them.

Happy collecting and let us know your opinion with the new designs for the 2014 Disney Dollar releases.

As of January 2014 there are now 172 Disney Dollar notes required for a complete Disney Dollar Registry Set.
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