Mickey & Minnie Mouse turn 89 today, Nov 18th

Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse 89th Birthday banner

Mickey Mouse – November 18th – 1928         Minnie Mouse – November 18th – 1928

Its really hard to believe that Mickey and Minnie Mouse have been making us laugh and smile for 89 years. The lovable pair still do not look more than 30.

In Disney history, Mickey Mouse’s birthday had always been associated with the release of  the animated black and white short film, Steamboat Willie. Minnie Mouse  first appeared in Steamboat Willie as well, but both Disney characters were seen several months  prior to this release in a test screening of “PLANE CRAZY” .

Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse’s birthdays were actually celebrated on different dates prior to the 1970’s. The Walt Disney Studio had errors in early press releases.

  • Mickey’s 5th birthday was celebrated on September 30th of 1933,
  • Mickey’s 7th birthday was celebrated on September 28th of 1935,
  • Mickey’s 10th birthday was celebrated on September 27th of 1938,
  • and in 1968, Mickey Mouse’s 40th birthday was celebrated on October 28th.

It was not until the early 1970s that it was officially confirmed by Walt Disney Studio’s, that Steamboat Willie’s original release date in 1928, and Mickey’s official birthday, was November 18th.

Disney has officially stated November 18th is also Minnie’s birthday, having debuted alongside Mickey in Steamboat Willie, however, this does not seem to be the case when numerous productions take place on Minnie’s birthday but do not mention Mickey’s birthday, and vice-versa.

We want to wish Mickey and Minnie a Happy Birthday from all Disney lovers everywhere and hope they have another 100 years of success and tell us how they stayed looking so young.


Mickey Mouse in the 1928 debut of Steamboat Willie