Disney Pin Topics

Disney Trading Pin Trivia

Disney Trading PinsTest Your Disney Pin Knowledge Disney Trading Pins Trivia Quiz Are you an avid Disney Pin collector ? Do you think you know you Disney Trading Pin Trivia well ? Disney Pin questions are shown randomly from our growing list. Get your name at the Top of the Disney Pins Leader Board ! You get […]Read More »

Trading Pin Etiquette

The Walt Disney Company has published a pamphlet on how to trade Disney pins. Here is a list of tips from the pamphlet to help future Disney pin traders.

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Disney Trading Pin Terms

How well do you know your Disney Trading Pin terms ? Do you know what a Back Stamp is and what it is for ? Take a look at the list and see how many new terms you can learn

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Disney Pin Trading Rules

Disney Pin trading is the buying and trading of Disney collectable pins.
Disney started a Disney Trading Pin Policy in 1999 to help cast members better identify what was an official Disney trading pin and how it could be traded in the parks.
Read the rules and check your collection to see if they are official trading pins as stated in the Disney rules.

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