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Disney Dollars Trivia

Test your Disney Dollar Knowledge Are you an avid Disney Dollar collector ? Do you think you know your Disney Dollar Trivia well. Disney Dollar questions are random from our growing list. You get three (3) minutes to get as many Disney Dollar related questions correct as you can. You receive points for correct answers […]Read More »

Sad day for Disney Dollar enthusiasts

May 14th 2016 end of production of Disney Dollars was very sad news for avid Disney collectors, and our family, as we starting collecting Disney Dollars on our first visit to Walt Disney World, Florida in 1987. As a kid I wore the Mickey Dollar souvenir One Dollar bill out by folding it so many times and carrying it around in my pocket after our trip. It brought some very good memories with it when I carried it. To bad I did not know or realize what they would be worth to serious Disney collectors. The Disney notes were a novelty bill for children and patrons who had watched Mickey and Minnie Mouse grow up with them on their television sets back home.

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Disney "Proofs" vs Disney "Remainders"

Welcome Disney Dollar collectors. Happy 59th Birthday Disneyland !  July 17th 1955 – July 17th 2014 As most collectors that collect Disney Dollars are probably already aware, the Walt Disney Company was the first private institution to print its own money and have it accepted and used like the US dollar inside any of the […]Read More »

Disney Dollar collecting ideas and set registry comparison for collectors

There are so many ways to start collecting the Disney Dollars,that it is no surprise they had become so popular that Professional Currency Grading Services (PCGS) started a Collectors Club and added the Disney Dollar Set Registry in 2005 where the Disney Dollar enthusiasts could display their notes from their collections online for free and interact with other members. PMG started a few years later and is a free online community where Disney Dollar collectors can register, display their PMG graded Disney Dollar notes from their collections and interact with other members.Participants can share their sets in one of two capacities, Competitive Sets and Signature Sets.

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New 2014 Disney Dollar Released - Disney Mountain Series

Great news for the Disney Dollar collectors … 2014 Disney Dollars are available beginning December 16th with a limited number being sold at select locations within the Walt Disney World Resort in Florida. The newly released 2014 Disney Dollar series features three of the Magic Kingdom Mountains.The three Magic Kingdom Mountain attractions depicted on the new […]Read More »

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