Disney Dollar collecting ideas and set registry comparison for collectors

Welcome to all Disney Dollar collectors.


First a very HAPPY 59th BIRTHDAY today and a shout out to DISNEYLAND !  July 17th 1955 – July 17th 2014


2014 Disney Mountain Series Dollar

2014 Five Dollar Mountain Series

2014 Ten Dollar Mountain Series

2014 Ten Dollar Mountain Series


It has been awhile since time has allowed us to write any new posts about our favorite hobby and passion, Disney Dollar collecting !. The last post written for our blog, was for the 2014 new release of the $1, $5 and $10 Disney Mountain Series for Disney Dollars.We were excited Disney released the new series.



Disney Dollar collecting has become a very popular Disney item to collect with individuals and family members of all ages getting into the fun and excitement of collecting the colorful characters we grow up with and still adore.

There are so many ways to start collecting the very colorful and popular Disney Dollars that Walt Disney Company has released into the theme parks. It is no surprise they had become so popular with collectors that Professional Currency Grading Services (PCGS) started a Collectors Club Registry and added the Disney Dollar Set Registry in 2005 where Disney Dollar collectors and Disney enthusiasts could display their notes from their registered collections online and interact with other members. The PCGS Exonumia Set Registry has grown in membership and has been expanded since 2005 to now include these Set Registry notes and collections.

  • $1 Disney Dollar Series Set
  • $5 Disney Dollar Series Set
  • $10 Disney Dollar Series Set
  • $50 Disney Dollar Series Set
  • 1987 – 2014 Complete Disney Dollar Set
  • Cone Dollar Complete Set

The Paper Money Guaranty (PMG) Note Registry started a few years later and is a free online community where Disney Dollar collectors can register, display their graded PMG Disney Dollar notes from their collections and interact with other members in many different categories . Participants can share their sets in one of two capacities, Competitive Sets and Signature Sets.

PMG Registry Categories

  • Disney Dollars Complete Set
  • $1 Disney Dollar Complete Set
  • $5 Disney Dollar Complete Set
  • $10 Disney Dollar Complete Set
  • $50 Disney Dollar Complete Set
  • Disneyland Complete Set
  • Disney World Complete Set
  • Disney Commemorative Set
  • Cinderella Complete Set
  • Princess Complete Set
  • Minnie Mouse Complete Set
  • Mickey Mouse Complete Set
  • Donald Duck Complete Set
  • Goofy Complete Set
  • Pirate Complete Set
  • Villains & Heroes Set


A fantastic and fun hobby that is good for all family members to participate of any age to collect together with the reality of completing a favorite set for your favorite categories in Disney Dollar collecting. Most of the 172 Disney Dollar notes are easily obtained and still available since they were released in 1987. Disney Dollars have been produced every year except 1992,2004,2006,2010 and 2012. [UPDATE – No Disney Dollars released in 2015 / May 2016 Disney announced the end to Disney Dollars]

The 2 professional grading companies available so far, for professionally grading Disney Dollars, has been PCGS Currency and PMG currency grading services.There are some differences between the two grading services. PCGS houses the final graded notes in a clear Mylar D protector and PMG houses their graded notes in a slightly grey Mylar D protector. Both companies offer clear descriptions,comments and final grade across the top front label of the Disney Dollar notes. Both companies had fast and courteous customer service for our past questions. The PMG Note Registry has more collecting categories available to complete, rather than never completing an entire collection because of a few rare and pricey Disney note.

As of January 2014 there are now 172 Disney Dollar notes required for a complete Disney Dollar Registry Set.
There are lots of ways to collect a favorite Disney Dollar Set with your kids.

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