Disney Collectors Club blog launched

Annette Funicello - MouseketeerWe are pleased to announce the launching of our new Disney Collectors Club blog.

We will be featuring articles relating to our Disney Collectors Club  website that finally went live  December 15th, 2012.
We love collecting and discussing the different Disney Dollars available for the Disney collectors.

Disney featured products from website and listings in our Disney Collectors Club Treasures collection

Be sure to take a look at some our selected favorite Disney treasures to show off in our collection.

** The RARE LE of 100, 2005 D 50th Anniversary $50 Boyer Mickey in the Mirror D00000065 signed by Charles Boyer and his son Bruce Boyer and our 2005 B LE of 100 50th Anniversary $50 Mickey in the Mirror with Special Mickey in the Mirror Pin, framed, signed and same serial number D00000065 are our proudest, most RARE and prized Disney Dollars in our collection.

* We have recently joined the PCGS Currency Collectors Club, with a platinum membership and will be announcing our position in the NEW Disney Dollar Set Registry as we update our collection and submit our Disney Dollars for professional grading from PCGS Currency Services.

A new Registry for Disney Dollars was started by PCGS Currency Services, February, 2012 and has become increasingly popular in the first year of use for avid Disney Dollar Collectors..
We will update our collection often and write about our Disney Dollar discoveries and our position in the Registry

Take a look at some of the other PCGS collections of Disney Dollar Series Sets or at the top ranked positions that have been recognized for their complete  Disney Dollar Registry Collection.

We hope you find our articles helpful.

Please leave your comments, be social or link to us as we continue to grow our website and Disney Collectors Club blog for all our Disney Collectors Club friends.