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Mickey & Minnie Mouse turn 89 today, Nov 18th

It's hard to believe that Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse turned 89 on November 18th, 2017 !! Happy birthday to our favorite mouse couple.Read More »

Disney Classifieds launched

Disney Classifieds members are able to post their Disney Ad for two weeks for FREE. The new website also offers convenient subscription plans for bulk Ads or businesses that wish to advertise for longer duration's with complete control over their Ads and more features offered.Read More »

A Bit Of Disney History

Learn the basic history of the Walt Disney Company, Disney movie release dates and major events from Disney's creation in 1926 to its massive growth and success in 2016. Read More »

Sad day for Disney Dollar enthusiasts

May 14th 2016 end of production of Disney Dollars was very sad news for avid Disney collectors, and our family, as we starting collecting Disney Dollars on our first visit to Walt Disney World, Florida in 1987. As a kid I wore the Mickey Dollar souvenir One Dollar bill out by folding it so many times and carrying it around in my pocket after our trip. It brought some very good memories with it when I carried it. To bad I did not know or realize what they would be worth to serious Disney collectors. The Disney notes were a novelty bill for children and patrons who had watched Mickey and Minnie Mouse grow up with them on their television sets back home.

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Happy Birthday Walt ! Dec 5th 1901

  Walt Disney would have been 112 years old today !    Walter Elias “Walt” Disney was born on this day December 5th,1901 in Chicago, Illinois. Walt Disney’s birthplace, at 2156 North Tripp Ave, Chicago was sold to Dina Benadon and Brent Young of the Hollywood based amusement  park firm Super 78 earlier this year. The […]Read More »

Diane Disney Miller Passes 1933 - 2013

We are sad to report that Diane Disney Miller has died today November 19th, 2013 , in Napa, California at the age of 79 from the injuries she had sustained from a fall. (1933 – 2013) She is survived by her husband Ron, children Christopher Miller, Joanna Miller, Tamara Diane Miller, Jennifer Miller-Goff, Walter Elias […]Read More »

Mickey & Minnie Mouse Turn 85 Today !

It is hard to believe that this lovable iconic cartoon mouse and the official Walt Disney Company mascot turns 85 today and we have got to say they still look fantastic. Mickey was first seen in a short animated silent film called Plane Crazy which was produced and viewed as a single test screening to a theater audience on May 15th,1928 but had initially failed to pick up a distributor for the new film.Read More »

Original Mouseketeer Annette Funicello Passes

Annette Funicello has died at the age of 70. October 22,1942 – April 8th,2013 Annette has been suffering from multiple sclerosis for 25 years and has not been in the public limelight for quite some time due to her illness. She was hospitalized due to complications from her battle with multiple sclerosis and died Monday, […]Read More »

DCC joins PCGS Collectors Club Registry

We are now online with our Disney Collectors Club website and our new Disney Collectors Club blog. Every one has been busy with finding new products, doing our posts and photos we use on our website, and blog, and everything else that was involved in our setup of  Disney Collectors Club website We have had […]Read More »

Disney Collectors Club blog launched

We are pleased to announce the launching of our new Disney Collectors Club blog.

We will be featuring articles relating to our Disney Collectors Club website that finally went live December 15th, 2012. We love collecting and discussing the different Disney Dollars available for the Disney collectors. Disney featured products from website and listings in our Disney Collectors Club Treasures collection

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