DCC joins PCGS Collectors Club Registry

We are now online with our Disney Collectors Club website and our new Disney Collectors Club blog.
Every one has been busy with finding new products, doing our posts and photos we use on our website, and blog, and everything else that was involved in our setup of  Disney Collectors Club website

PCGS Currency

PCGS graded note front view – Gem New 66PPQ

We have had time over the holidays to finally getting around to registering with PCGS to prepare for the sending in of our first batch of Disney dollars for the grading service to evaluate.
For those that are not familiar with PCGS, they are a third party service that you submit your currency for their impartial evaluation of the submitted note.

PCGS will have its expert currency graders examine the Disney note and determine by a universal PCGS Numerical Scale that PCGS Currency uses as a standard for all the notes they grade. PCGS will assign it a grade, based on this numerical scale, and place it in a Mylar-D tamper proof container, with the grade number and details of the note shown on the front of the container.


2009 $1 Birthday Party D00437793 Superb Gem new 67 PPQ WDW-back

PCGS barcode registered in PCGS database.

The back of the Mylar-D protective container will have a bar code relating to the note in their database and the PCGS Currency website link where you can go anytime and enter any PCGS graded note and enter the bar code number and it will tell you the details of the note if it is genuinely graded by their service.


Well in March 2012, PCGS Currency patented and created what is called the Disney Dollar Registry Set.
If you would like to learn more information about PCGS currency, membership fees or learn their new Set Registry, their will be follow up posts in January 2013.

We chose the platinum membership with PCGS Currency and have sent our Disney notes in on December 31st 2012, registered and insured  using our commercial account with UPS.
We look forward to receiving our Disney Dollars back after they have been graded and doing future submissions with PCGS Currency.

** So far, emailing questions regarding additional resources to further our knowledge of  Disney Dollars and the new Registry, to PCGS Currency, has gone un answered and have not impressed us so far with no responses from our email questions. Not the best way to treat a new “Member” of  their new Collectors Club Registry or any member of their  “Collectors Club” if you ask us. Follow our progress as we enter our notes into our registry with  future posts that will follow up.