2013 Villains and Heroes – Error

On January 1st, 2013, Disney released another new series of Disney Dollars named Heroes and Villains.2013 Heroes and Villains

True to the name of the new series, Disney features 4 of our favorite heroes and the 4 villains on the new 2013 released Disney One Dollar notes.

They were introduced into both Disneyland,Anaheim as well as the Walt Disney World,Florida theme parks but were very quickly recalled after a discovery was made.

Disney forgot how to spell one of their own animated films “101 Dalmatians”,which started as a 1961 Walt Disney animated film based on the novel written by Dodie Smith,1956, and made again in 1996 as a live action of the 1961 film.

101 Dalmations misspelled on note

Somehow the Disney One Dollar note from the Heroes and Villains Series, with Cruella De Vil on the front and Prongo and Perdita with puppy and the misspelled “101 DALMATIONS – 1961” on the reverse, had slipped through the “Proof” and inspection stages at Disney and had made it into the theme parks. Though we know of NO documentation available from PCGS Currency or Disney Corporation on the actual numbers of Disney Dollars released every year, except when stated by Disney, we have read that NO more than 13,000 had made it into circulation before the Disney Dollar was recalled,which makes this a very nice addition to your collection.

Great for us Disney Dollar collectors !

This is the first error note that Disney Collectors Club has heard of, or seen, from Disney’s long history of the Disney Dollar, starting back in 1987, (26 years ago as of  2013)  with the first release of the one and five dollar notes at Disneyland,California.

Sure, we have seen “Pixie Dust”  mis-placements, slight alignment of serial numbers and some other minor flaws that have been found by Disney Dollar collectors, but nothing like this over sight of misspelling one of their own films.This has to be a first for a Disney Dollar released error.

If you have errors that you feel should be listed that we do not know about, please send us an email and we would love to talk about them.

The new 2013 Heroes and Villains Series include both the “A” Series for Disneyland and “D” for Disney World.

This 2013 series shown here to include all the villains and heroes:

  • Maleficent/Aurora and Prince Phillip
  • Captain Hook/Peter Pan & Wendy
  • Cruella De Vil/Prongo & Perdita with Puppy (Error Dollar -Dalmatians is mispelled Dalmations)*
  • Ursula/Ariel / Eric


2013 Villains and Heroes Disney dollars


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